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June 11 2008; 19:17

Proposed bill on retrials must be fair for all - Ellis

Convicted paedophile Peter Ellis says any new legislation which allows acquitted people to be retried needs to work fairly for people on both sides of the justice system.

Mr Ellis served seven years in jail for abusing children, but is hoping an appeal to the Privy Council in London will clear his name.

In a letter to The Press on Wednesday, Mr Ellis says the same zeal for truth and justice should be applied to cases that police want to retry and those who want a retrial to clear their own name.

The Government wants to introduce the Criminal Procedure Bill, which would allow acquitted people to be retried if the case fits the criteria of a tainted acquittal.

However, the legislation does not yet have the majority needed to pass into law.

Mr Ellis says the proposed bill needs to be fair for all.