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2005-0329 - Letter to The Press - Boot on third foot?
by Brian Robinson - Karen Zelas accuses Lynley Hood of saying that Zelas' "principal psychiatric qualification was "grand-fathered" rather than examined." Lynley Hood did not. Karen Zelas should read A City Possessed, and if she then finds that there are "inaccurate and misleading comments", perhaps she could enlighten us all as to what they may be?

2005-0329 - The Press - Boot on other foot
Karen Zelas
psychiatrist who hadn't thought about what behaviours are inconsistent with sexual abuseby Karen Zelas - It is ironic that Lynley Hood is distressed that Creative New Zealand has described her doctorate as being honorary (rather than examined), since this would damage her reputation. In her book A City Possessed, about the Christchurch Civic Creche case, she made a similarly inaccurate statement about my principal psychiatric qualification being "grand-fathered" rather than examined.

2005-0329 - The Press - What goes around
by Catherine Davidson - Lynley Hood now knows how it feels to have people believe things about you that are not true. I bet those who felt that this was the case when her book A City Possessed was published are having a good laugh.

2005-0327 - Sunday Star Times - Small price to pay
by Anne Hunt - I fully support Dr Lynley Hood's determination to correct her professional credentials in the CD-Rom produced by Creative New Zealand. Writers of fiction are rarely aware of the importance of reputation to a writer who tackles subjects which are legally risky

2005-0327 - Sunday Star Times - Not Hood's fault
by Anne Halba - The only thing that is "crucifyingly embarrassing for New Zealand literature", to quote Kate de Goldi in your story about Lynley Hood, was the fact that somebody who had the responsibility for compiling the biographical information about her for the CD-Rom got it wrong in the first place

2005-0327 - Sunday Star Times - ItsNotVanity.htm
by Brian Robinson - Hood's concerns should not be lightly brushed off by the literati as "vanity". The costs involved in rectifying the mistake are small. Of course the mistake should be rectified, and not in the begrudging way that it appears to have been.

2005-0327 - Sunday Star Times - Eggs on face
by S Napier - You report that Lynley Hood told Creative New Zealand that her doctorate was "earned", not an honorary title. If that is so, why did they change it? There is egg on the face here, but it is most certainly not on Hood's.

2005-0327 - Sunday Star Times - The pen is mightier than the sword …or degree
by Celia Geary - While I admire the work she put into her book A City Possessed, she shouldn't get too precious about her degree, earned or not. It is not who she is or what degrees she has that are important, but what she writes about

2005-0326 - Leaf Salon - Honorary vs Earned
by John Lorimer - I have no no argument with Dr Hood’s request and her work stands as an example of highest scholarship. The honorary vs earned debate is a little removed. Perhaps the term ‘earned” is misleading, as it can most honorary degrees are also earned - but in a different forum.

2005-0323 - Leaf Salon - Impact of A City Possessed
by Brian - Lynley Hood’s Creche book has made as many ripples in the Child Protection/ Psychology / Justice world as Rutherford once did in the world of physics. And of course when anybody does come out with a bombshell and a significant presentation of “new” thought, there is always a reaction fom the old guard.

2005-0323 - Leaf Salon - Costs little
by John Lorimer - Less than Fifty cents a Cd, Less than a dollar postage for a few dozen of the 1000 or so CDs  I’m sure those on the ‘artists dole’ wouldn’t see the funds anyway - …..Hood is not being precious.

2005-0323 - NZ Herald - Author's degree the real deal says university
NZPA - A letter to the editor of the Otago Daily Times, written under a nom de plume, claimed the doctorate was not "earned", and had caused "considerable debate" in the university community. But Charles Tustin, the university's director of research, higher degrees and scholarships, said the procedure for awarding it was stringent. Dr Hood, who wrote A City Possessed, about the Christchurch Civic Creche sex abuse case, said she was "outraged" by the suggestion.

2005-0322 - Otago Daily Times - Hood and university dismiss criticism
by David Loughrey - A letter questioning the doctor of literature degree awarded to writer Dr Lynley Hood has been dismissed by both the writer and the University of Otago.  A letter to the editor of the Otago Daily Times, written under a nom de plume, claimed the doctorate was not "earned".

2005-0322 - Leaf Salon - Undisclosed Connections with the Creche
by Winston - Sunday Star Times Editor is Cate Brett. Brett wrote about the Ellis/Civic Creche case a few years ago in “North & South”. She didn’t let the readers know that she had been a creche client parent during Peter Ellis’s creche employment era. A commentator in that Sunday Star Times story was Kate de Goldi. de Goldi was also a creche client parent during Peter Ellis’s creche employment era. The story never mentioned that.

2005-0322 - Leaf Salon - Deserves to be protective
by Brian - Lynley Hood earned the doctorate she received for all the books she has written. Her examiners reportedly said that the book “A City Possessed” would have been enough by itself to have earned the degree. She is not just a “novelist” but a meticulous researcher who has produced one of New Zealand’s most important books ever. A City Possessed has had dozens of favourable reviews, but there are a number of people who do not like the conclusions - and who have resorted to personal attacks against Lynley Hood, instead of debating the substance of the book.

2005-0322 - Leaf Salon - Paranoia
by "Islander" - I am bothered by the screeches from Wellington people over this; CNZ has made a mistake, should acknowledge this, destroy the CDs, and that will be that.

2005-0321 - Stuff - Author stands by call for CDs to be destroyed

Dr Lynley HoodNZPA - In the letter written to Creative New Zealand, Dr Hood said she believed the mistake was deliberate as she had pointed out - in writing and on two occasions - the doctorate was examined, not honorary. "Indeed, I am bound to conclude the error was deliberate, and that it was made by someone who clearly understands the difference between an earned degree and an honorary degree, and who must therefore be fully aware that misrepresenting an earned doctorate as an honorary doctorate to an international audience will seriously damage the honour and reputation of the degree holder

2005-0321 - Otago Daily Times - Author insists error be corrected
by Lea Jones - Dunedin author Lynley Hood is standing by her controversial call to have 2000 CD Roms containing incorrect biographical information destroyed, but rejects claims she threatened legal action. ….. However, Dr Hood, who wrote A City Possessed about the Christchurch Civic Creche sex abuse case, yesterday said the incorrect information could seriously damage her reputation.

2005-0321 - Leaf Salon - Examined, not honorary
by Chris - If you flicked through the papers at the weekend, you probably read about the spat between author Lynley Hood and Creative New Zealand. According to the Sunday Star Times. …….Now, what’s really going on here? We have a feeling that there’s more to this storm in a LittD cup than meets the eye …

2005-0321 - NZ Herald - Author defends 'scrap CDs' demand
NZPA - Author Lynley Hood continued to insist yesterday that thousands of CD-Roms containing incorrect biographical information about her should be destroyed ….. "Those CDs are going to be around for a long time and not only does the mistake take away my qualification, it's made it into a liability. "If you've got an honorary doctorate and use the title, you're a joke. I can't afford for that to happen," she said.

2005-0320 - Sunday Star Times - Literati up in arms at author's CD threat
by Tim Hume - A war of words has erupted among New Zealand's literati after an author threatened to sue Creative New Zealand over a biographical error on a CD-Rom it produced. The government arts agency is destroying hundreds of CD-Roms about New Zealand writers - and asking those who have already received them to destroy their copies after Dunedin author Lynley Hood threatened legal action. She was upset her profile said her Otago University doctorate was honorary, when in fact it was an examined degree

2005-0208 - The Press - Verdicts in doubt
by Bernard Robertson - A Court of Appeal decision given just before last Christmas will reopen controversy over the convictions of not only convicted child sex abuser Peter Ellis but hundreds of others convicted during the 1990s of sexual abuse of children. The case concerns a section of the Evidence Act, section 23G, which was rushed through Parliament just before Christmas 1989. The section allows clinical psychologists to give evidence about whether the behaviour of a complainant is "consistent or inconsistent with" sexual abuse. The section is nonsense.

2005-0128 - Lawyers Weekly - NZ court allows review of Ellis case
By Andrea Ruffell - Commentators claim the evidence given as to whether behaviour was consistent with sexual abuse in the infamous Christchurch Civic Crčche case R v Ellis under s 23G(2)(c) would not pass the standard set by R v A. “Cases such as these should be the subject of Governor-General’s references to the Court of Appeal, because they’re miscarriages of justice by which hundreds of people have gone to jail,” Robertson said.

2005-0123 - NZ Herald - Ruling could help Ellis case
by David Fisher - Peter Ellis, a convicted paedophile, could be given another chance to clear his name following a new Court of Appeal ruling which hits expert evidence given by psychologists. The appeal court judgement, released on Christmas Eve, will force psychologists to be more specific about the signs of child abuse - and could affect hundreds of child sex abuse cases

2005-0121 - NZ Lawyer - Court opens way for review of Ellis case
by Andrea Ruffell - A judgment released on Christmas Eve turning on s 23G of the Evidence Act 1908 could open the floodgates for review of hundreds of child sexual abuse convictions entered over the last 15 years……………..Lynley Hood, Dunedin author of A City Possessed, the multiple award-winning book on the Ellis trials said, “If the R v A standard was used in Ellis, the case would have been laughed out of Court”. If the R v A yardstick were applied to Ellis, most, if not all, of the ‘behavioural characteristics of child sexual abuse’ presented by prosecution expert witness Dr Karen Zelas in her evidence-in-chief would be considered irrelevant and of no probative value, Hood said.

2005-0101 - NZ Listener - The Bluffers Guide to Mass Hysteria
[Examples] in New Zealand? Many cite the outbreak of satanic, ritualistic and paedophilic accusations, of which Peter Ellis was a victim, as an example of this phenomenon, but the best local instance was the great Unidentified Flying Dirigible panic of 1908-09