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2003-0831 - Sunday Star Times - Are courts over Zelas?
by Anthony Hubbard - Newsmaker: Child psychiatrist Karen Zelas, a key prosecution witness in the trial of Peter Ellis, is blamed for a possible miscarriage of justice in another sex abuse case. .......For feminists and others, the campaign against child abuse was a social breakthrough, an acknowledgement of a problem previous neglected. Others saw it as "the sex abuse industry" which replaced injustice towards the abused with injustice towards the accused. ..."If anyone brought the virus into New Zealand," said one lawyer, "it was Karen Zelas."

2003-0831 - Sunday Star Times - Keep on with the Ellis crusade
by Sue Allan -  On reading through [the transcripts] we came to the conclusion that they follow almost exactly cases in the United Kingdom - Coventry and the Scottish Islands being the most notable - in the late 1980s and early '90s. ..... The cases of ritual satanic abuse all seemed to follow closely on the heels of a lecture tour by an American "expert". I do hope the case can be revisited with satisfactory results for Peter who appears a caring person who deserves to be able to get on with his life without the heartache this case must have caused him.

2003-0831 - Sunday Star Times - Give the money back?
by Derek Smith - It is clear Peter Ellis was wrongly convicted and this conviction will eventually be overturned.  ...... those 40 families each paid $10,000 by the ACC no doubt will happily return the money to the taxpayer....... This will go some way to helping the taxpayer compensate Ellis.

2003-0831 - Sunday Star Times - No barking dogs
by Bernard Howard - You are to be congratulated for the consistent stance taken by you and your contributors on the Ellis affair. ..... I am reminded of Conan Doyle's story Silver Blaze, in which "the curious incident of the dog in the night" enabled Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery

2003-0831 - Sunday Star Times - Anti-male bias
by Ian Wilson -  I am increasingly alarmed at the government's refusal to appoint a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch Civic Creche fiasco - New Zealand's worst miscarriage of justice. Public confidence in the ability of our justice  system to defend the innocent and determine guilt has fallen as a result of the wrongful conviction of Peter Ellis, who is obviously innocent.

2003-0831 - Sunday Star Times - It could take years
by S Napier - Frank Haden and all those who champion the cause of Peter Ellis - and his undoubted innocence - should not give up. It must be remembered that the appalling miscarriage of justice which saw Londoner Timothy Evans hanged in 1950 for murder was not put right by the system which executed him until 1965.

2003-0831 - Sunday Star Times - Keep it up
by Peter Johnson - Frank Haden's articles on........the Christchurch Civic Creche case, have been right on the button.

2003-0830 - The Press - Ellis case
by Elizabeth Smyth - Three young adults have recently come forward to tell of their experience at the hands of a man convicted by jury of child abuse. Their attempts to speak are denied immediately by the pro-Ellis campaign.

2003-0830 - The Press - Ellis case
by N Buchanan - Why is it that the glut of pro-Ellis articles get the large headline and page-lead treatment, yet when the victims and their families are finally goaded into responding they are given small headlines and relegated to the bottom of the page?

2003-0829 - Otago Daily Times - Has radio joined persecution of Ellis?
by Chris Trotter - (Refer Dom Post, "Another Cross to bear")

2003-0829 - Dominion Post - Another cross to bear
by Chris Trotter - Can a man be crucified twice? Until this week, I would have said that such a thing was impossible. .....I do not intend to make the same mistake twice. Here, then, is a warning to everyone who still believes that our society should be based on the exercise of Reason: preparations are under way to bring new charges of sexual abuse against Peter Ellis. Not content with incarcerating this unfortunate man in Paparua Prison for seven years, Mr Ellis' persecutors are readying themselves to crucify him all over again.

2003-0828 - Parliament - Don Brash Questions to Phil Goff
Don Brash (National) questions Phil Goff (Labour)(Minister of Justice) about subjects relating to the Brian Edwards interview with Lynley Hood (Note further follow up questions on September 11)

2003-0828 - Dominion Post - Judge backed the children
by P Hall - It is noteworthy just how cautious the jury was in finding Ellis guilty on 16 charges and not guilty on nine -- they were quite clear that a number of charges were not proven beyond reasonable doubt, but equally clear that a number were. The judge explicitly backed their assessment ...

2003-0828 - Dominion Post -
by Geoff Stone - I agree with Rosemary McLeod about the clamour to exonerate Peter Ellis. Many prominent people who support a royal commission of inquiry into Ellis' conviction have minimised or misunderstood the extent and effects of sexual abuse on children.

2003-0826 - - Why Peter Ellis Should Be Pardoned
by Steven Sliepen - After a decade of debate, it seems the Peter Ellis case is simply not going to just go away. It also seems there is nothing to write about it that has not already been written a hundred times over. Anyone who has studied The Crucible will be all too aware of the ability history has to repeat itself………At the risk of repeating what dozens of others had repeated ad nauseum, I will give a summary of some of the aspects that make Peter Ellis’s conviction unsafe, as discussed in Hood’s book:

2003-0826 - Evening Standard - Ellis case
by Joan Bassett - To retain the credibility and integrity of the New Zealand justice system, both for New Zealanders and overseas, it is imperative a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the alleged miscarriage of justice in the Peter Ellis case be held as soon as possible.

2003-0826 - The Press - Ellis case
by B H Howard - One could have hoped that, after demonstrating her ignorance of both Peter Ellis' job qualifications and the difference between a homosexual and a paedophile, Rosemary McLeod would have withdrawn from a debate for which she is clearly unqualified.

2003-0826 - Dominion Post - Creche boy's story disputed
by David McLoughlin - Former daycare worker Peter Ellis did not start work at the Christchurch Civic Creche till almost a year after a young man claiming he was abused there had left. Twenty-two-year-old Nathan, who attended the creche in late 1985, said yesterday that Mr Ellis and other staff sexually abused him during his short time there. But former Civic supervisor Gaye Davidson, one of four women creche staff arrested with Mr Ellis in 1992 on charges of abusing children, said last night that Mr Ellis did not start working at the Civic till August 1986 and had no contact at all with the creche before then

2003-0826 - The Press - Ellis sees lawyer over fresh claims
By Yvonne Martin -  Former creche worker Peter Ellis is consulting his lawyer over claims by a man who alleges he was abused by Ellis in the mid-1980s. Nathan, who wants to be known by his first name only, briefly attended the Christchurch Civic Creche as a four-year-old in late 1985. A former supervisor of the creche, Gaye Davidson, said workers first met Ellis in August 1986.

Outgoing Children's Commissioner Roger McClay backed Nathan yesterday. He first met Nathan in Christchurch soon after Ellis' release from prison in 2000 and had kept in phone contact with him. "I thought Nathan was an outstanding young man when I met him. Very brave."

2003-0826 - The Press - Much more at stake
Editorial -
More is at stake in the Peter Ellis case than the guilt or innocence of one man. Underlying the welter of emotional claims and counterclaims in this debate are the lingering questions about the integrity and safety of our justice system which just will not go away.

2003-0825 - Stuff - Another abuse claim against Ellis emerges

NZPA - A man who claims he was abused by convicted paedophile Peter Ellis at Christchurch Civic Creche feels "guilty" he did not speak out at the time, says his mother. The man attended the creche as a four-year-old in the mid-1980s, but did not confide he had been abused until he was a teenager. Speaking on National Radio this morning, the man, who was not one of the original complainants, said his family had considered prosecuting Ellis privately.

2003-0825 - Dominion Post -  Believe the children

by Doreen Hapeta - I believe the children in the Christchurch Civic Creche case.

2003-0825 - Dominion Post -  Royal commission of inquiry
by M J Bassett -It's imperative that a royal commission of inquiry be held as soon as possible into the Peter Ellis case

2003-0825 - The Press - Put out to pasture?
by C J Watson - Rosemary McLeod's second diatribe on the Ellis case leads me to wonder if it is not time that she was put out to pasture. Surely the argument is not about Peter Ellis or the alleged "victims", but about a system of justice that cannot, or will not, make any attempt to correct itself.

2003-0825 - The Press -
by Max Podstolski - Hell hath no fury like Rosemary McLeod on a self-righteous crusade. Her diatribe against Lynley Hood and anyone who has defended Peter Ellis (August 21) does nothing to enlighten and everything to reinforce prejudices. Likening their defence to "paedophile talk", she pronounces them guilty of a "campaign of abuse" against the civic creche children. Highly emotive and inflammatory words.

2003-0825 - The Press - Letter by Kurt Burrows
I find this very interesting, since most paedophiles seem to be men preying on young boys.

2003-0824 - Sunday Star Times - Creche children deserve our sympathy
by Frank Haden -
Now we find a psychiatrist involved in the 1992 interrogations of Tom and Katrina warned police about the dangers of parental indoctrination. It is clear, the psychiatrist's letter says, that Katrina's parents elicited accusations of abuse by highly leading questioning, and Tom's brothers and parents did the same. In Tom's case, the letter says, the parents subjected him to "intensive interrogation" about ritual sex abuse between three key interviews on consecutive days. Tom would then "disclose" in his next interview the information elicited by his parents the previous night.

2003-0824 - Sunday Star Times - Denial of justice a money matter
by Ron Jones - Goff knows if this case is discredited, the government will have to pay out and that would never do. Only selected folk get compensation - the parents of the children, for example.

2003-0824 - Sunday Star Times - Language comprehension
by D Mainwaring - Concerning the Ellis case, the five and six-year-olds interviewed would not have known the meaning of many of the words used in those interviews. How come they could answer them?

2003-0824 - Sunday Star Times - Non-correcting system
by Rob Mawson -  Even the most junior social worker can tell us that if a child is repeatedly told he or she is useless, they will come to believe it. It is not at all surprising some believe they have memories of abuse when they have been treated as victims from such an early age. They need and deserve the truth........The inquiry is desperately needed, irrespective of any possible appeal to the Privy Council or its verdict. The inquiry also needs to look into the sexual abuse industry and justice system and the way appeals are handled.  It has become patently obvious that the system is unable to correct itself, not just in this case, but in too many others as well.

2003-0824 - Newstalk ZB - Colman has misgivings
Ellis campaigner Barry Colman has misgivings over creche case children testifying to select committee. Barry Colman questions the wisdom of calling them, especially as none was named in the transcripts he had published. And campaigners say they are being overwhelmed by support following the publication of transcripts of children's evidence in a Sunday newspaper.

2003-0823 - The Press - Fighting the Ellis memory war with statistics
by Lynley Hood - Presumably Masson and Davies want us to believe that child sexual abuse is so prevalent that any and every allegation should be believed. Never mind about reliable evidence or due process. Just lock the bastards up. In any event, the studies cited by Masson and Davies have been either discredited, or misrepresented.

2003-0823 - Otago Daily Times - Support for testimony
by Jane Smith - Publisher Barry Colman has pledged to share half the expenses the Commissioner for Children Roger McClay has offered to former Christchurch Civic Creche children to testify before Parliament's justice select committee. "I believe convening a royal commission of inquiry into the affair is the right way to investigate the very serious issues it has raised. But if the people involved at the creche want to testify before a Parliamentary committee which may throw more light on to this case, I would welcome it," Mr Colman said

2003-0823 - Otago Daily Times - More Civic Creche abuse allegations
NZPA - Christchurch: A Christchurch child behavioural worker claims she noticed bizarre behaviour trends in Christchurch Civic Creche children well before creche worker Peter Ellis was arrested for abuse. Judy Berger says she worked with 11 former creche children - none of whom testified in the Ellis trial - once they reached school age.

2003-0823 - Dominion Post - Ellis hearings may be held in Christchurch
Yesterday, publisher Barry Colman -- who earlier this month paid $20,500 to publish unedited sections of the youngsters' testimonies on two full pages of the Sunday Star-Times -- pledged to share half the teenager's expenses. "Any money I have spent so far has been to flush out the truth and to get to the bottom of this Peter Ellis affair," Mr Colman said.

2003-0823 - Dominion Post - Ex-creche children to get legal help
Former Christchurch Civic Creche children will be able to give evidence in their home city on the petition calling for a royal commission into the 10-year-old child abuse case.

2003-0823 - Newstalk ZB - New hope for Ellis supporters
 Peter Ellis supporters are pinning their hopes on a hearing by parliament's justice select committee into the conviction of the former Christchurch Civic Creche worker.

2003-0823 - Dominion Post - Give Ellis a break
by Kelvin Brayshaw - The question of witness credibility seems to have been settled without much fuss in [the female workers'] cases. Some of these witnesses must have been the same people to give evidence against Mr Ellis.  Give him a break.

2003-0823 - Dominion Post - Easier now to investigate
by Richard Christie - Tom's vivid memories might now be put before a royal inquiry. He is no longer an inarticulate infant. As a young man his vivid memories of black leather, witches' hats and laundry chutes should make powerful testimony indeed. Due to the vividness of his memories, it should prove an easy matter to cross-examine and verify the veracity of much more besides.

2003-0823 - Dominion Post - Flamboyant, not dangerous
by J Hayes - It was not sexual abuse. .....It took months to get the "evidence". The case needs to be looked at with fresh eyes.  It needs to be reviewed by someone who is totally independent of the present judiciary.

2003-0823 - Dominion Post - Dismayed by Hood's dismay
by Pye Bowden - As a therapist in the so-called "sex abuse industry", I had to have years of training and experience before I was considered qualified to practice. From this background, I watch in amazement as Hood tells the children that they did not experience what they know they did experience. In fact, it is highly unlikely that thoughts can be implanted on such a scale, in children from loving and stable backgrounds.

2003-0822 - The Press - Ellis case
by Kurt Burrows - For months supporters of Peter Ellis have attacked innocent children and spread rumour and doubt upon their ability to tell it like it is. Finally, in frustration, these very same children and their supportive families have been forced to revisit their torrid past in an attempt to prove what has already been proven time and time again

2003-0822 - The Press - Ellis undecided on appeal
onvicted child molester Peter Ellis' lawyer says Ellis has still not decided whether he will appeal to the Privy Council. Dunedin lawyer Judith Ablett Kerr, QC, admitted last night the prospect of a Royal Commission into the case had caused Ellis to hesitate.

2003-0822 - Otago Daily Times - Ellis undecided on Privy Council
NZPA - Dunedin lawyer Judith Ablett Kerr, QC, said last night the prospect of a Royal Commission into the case had caused Ellis to hesitate. "This Privy Council application is something that has always been floating in the background," she said on Face to Face with Kim Hill

2003-0822 - Newstalk ZB - Ellis committee may meet in Christchurch
A Parliamentary Committee that will hear a petition in support of child abuser Peter Ellis could hold hearings in Christchurch.

2003-0822 - NZ Herald - Ellis hesitates over Privy Council
Judith Ablett Kerr, QC, said last night on TV1's Face to Face with Kim Hill that the prospect of a Royal Commission into the case had caused Ellis to hesitate.

2003-0822 - Dominion Post - `Bizarre behaviour' in creche children
Refer to Press report

2003-0822 - The Press - Creche children's conduct 'bizarre'
by Anna Claridge - A child behavioural worker says she spotted bizarre behaviour trends in Christchurch Civic Creche children well before creche worker Peter Ellis was arrested for abuse. Judy Berger says she worked with 11 former creche children once they reached school age – none of whom testified in the Ellis trial.

2003-0821 - The Press - Campaign a form of abuse
by Rosemary McLeod - W
hat began as a protest against a supposed witch hunt has taken a turn for the worst.  It's starting to look like a witch hunt itself. I wrote last week about the Peter Ellis campaign, before two of his victims spoke out, compellingly, in defence of themselves. This is a strange irony. Ellis stands convicted of serious sexual abuse of a number of children, yet it is he who has become the focus of sympathetic attention while they are branded as liars.

2003-0821 - The Press - Ellis Case
by David Dawe - If Peter Ellis is a homosexual and a paedophile he would be an unusual person. Of all the paedophile cases reported in the media, I have never seen a reference to a homosexual paedophile.

2003-0821 - The Press - Ellis Case
by B P Wall - We owe enormous gratitude to "Katrina" and "Tom", and their parents, for what must have been a harrowing, but we hope, a therapeutic experience for them. Perhaps the "Ellis is innocent" campaigners will now retire while they still have some dignity.

2003-0821 - The Press - In a few words
by Catherine Pratt -  We admire Phil Goff for standing firm in not having another enquiry.

2003-0821 - Otago Daily Times - Ellis expert witness criticised
An eminent child psychiatrist who helped convict Peter Ellis has been blamed for causing a miscarriage of justice in another sex-abuse case. Christchurch psychiatrist Karen Zelas was found by the Court of Appeal to have "gratuitously" exceeded the scope of permissible expert opinion

2003-0820 - NZ Herald - The Ellis case

by Tim McKinnel - Ellis' victims are now being forced to relive their trauma publicly because Dr Brash and people like him refuse to believe that an intelligent, personable man can commit evil acts. Ellis' victims, and those who have an objective view of this case, know they exist.

2003-0820 - Otago Daily Times - Child victim says Ellis' backers wrong
A child victim in the Christchurch Civic Creche sex abuse case is angry about criticism sparked by his first media interview.

2003-0820 - Scoop - Crown letter the Ellis Jury never got to see
Press Release - Peter -
A Crown letter the Peter Ellis jury never got to see !!!!   Read it with the Nation here:

2003-0820 - Dominion Post - Brave young people
by Judith McDougall - The words "dismayed" and "outraged" used by author Lynley Hood (August 18) to describe her reaction to the former Christchurch Civic Creche children who spoke out to verify their experience of abuse from Peter Ellis raises the question of who is operating in a climate of hysteria.

2003-0820 - Dominion Post - Finally, I was heard
by "Tom" - Thank you for publishing the article about my story. Linley made it a lot easier for me to talk about some very painful and personal information. Finally, I have felt heard and respected by the media.

2003-0820 - Dominion Post - Convinced by children
by Robin Warnes - The evidence has become very clear. I hope the children who have spoken out are granted the funding they deserve so they can attend the parliamentary select committee hearing. Their courage in speaking out has to be commended. Paedophiles are excellent manipulators and Ellis might be no exception.

2003-0820 - NZ Herald - Judges blame Ellis expert
An eminent child psychiatrist who helped to convict Peter Ellis has been blamed for causing a miscarriage of justice in another sex-abuse case. Christchurch psychiatrist Karen Zelas was found by the Court of Appeal to have "gratuitously" exceeded the scope of permissible expert opinion

2003-0820 - The Press - Ellis case teen says Hood is 'just so wrong'
by Matt Conway - A child complainant in the Christchurch Civic Creche sex abuse case is angry about criticism sparked by his first media interview. Tom (not his real name) says Dunedin author Lynley Hood is "just so wrong" in her belief that former creche worker Peter Ellis was an innocent man wrongly convicted........"I remember lots of it vividly," said Tom, who was nearly three when he began attending the creche. "I stand by everything I said when I was little. I didn't make anything up."

2003-0820 - Waikato Times - Civic Creche case rings alarm bells

by Rosemary McLeod - (from The Press, 14 August)

2003-0819 - Dominion Post - Unspeakable outrage
by Una Cargill - Often, after enormous personal sacrifice, we have had "crusaders" fighting to right a wrong or battle a principle. I am confident that those who take up the cudgels for Peter Ellis will eventually vindicate him. .......Like the Thomas case, I believe the Ellis court case to be an unspeakable outrage.

2003-0819 - The Press - Expert for Ellis case gets blame
by Matt Conway - An eminent child psychiatrist who helped convict Peter Ellis has been blamed for causing a miscarriage of justice in another sex-abuse case. Christchurch psychiatrist Karen Zelas was found by the Court of Appeal to have "gratuitously" exceeded the scope of permissible expert opinion.

2003-0819 - The Press - Ellis case
by Richard Christie - Rosemary McLeod's article on Peter Ellis (August 14) contained factual errors.......... In such an emotionally charged case, it is unfortunate that McLeod's column serves only to further the spread of misinformation and inflame ill-informed biases.

2003-0818 - Dominion Post - Feeling comfortable?
by Boudewyn Couprie - I take issue with your editorial (August 5) in which you stated that the conviction of Peter Ellis must stand. Yes, the justice system has repeatedly stated its position, that Ellis is guilty, as it did with David Dougherty and twice with Arthur Allan Thomas. .......... Read the website of the transcripts. Compare the evidence heard in court to that withheld and ask, if it was you in the dock, would you feel as comfortable with the outcome?

2003-0818 - Dominion Post - To the point
by E Odinot - In your editorial ... you state that: "Sir Thomas, who reported to Mr Goff two years ago, said Ellis had failed `by a distinct margin' to prove his innocence". To prove his innocence? Could you please explain?

2003-0818 - Otago Daily Times - Dunedin author hits out at complainants
by Staff reporters and NZPA -
Dunedin author Lynley Hood is horrified children whose evidence resulted in Peter Ellis' child-abuse convictions have stepped up to reaffirm his guilt. Ms Hood, who attacked the case against Mr Ellis in her book, A City Possessed , said it was "outrageous" the complainants, now aged 17, felt compelled to speak out while professionals involved in the case stayed silent.

2003-0818 - The Press - Upset as Ellis case victims speak out
by Matt Conway - Author Lynley Hood is horrified that children whose evidence resulted in Peter Ellis' child-abuse convictions have stepped up to reaffirm his guilt.  Hood, who debunked the case against Ellis in her book, A City Possessed, said it was "outrageous" that child complainants felt compelled to speak out while the professionals involved in the case stayed silent.

2003-0818 - Dominion Post - Creche kids wrong, says Ellis author
Peter Ellis defender Lynley Hood has attacked the credibility of the former creche children who spoke out against the convicted child abuser in Saturday's Dominion Post. Ms Hood says while the teenagers may believe what they are saying, their memories are unreliable.

2003-0818 - Newstalk ZB - Teens stand by sexual abuse claims in Ellis case
Four people who attended Christchurch Civic Creche as children when Peter Ellis worked there want to attend any hearing. A number of teenagers who attended the Christchurch Civic Creche as toddlers have told the Children's Commissioner they will publicly stand by their stories of sexual abuse.

2003-0818 - NZ Herald - Ellis abuse definitely real, says teen
One of the key witnesses in the Peter Ellis sex abuse case is disputing claims that his memory has been manipulated. The witness, now 17, was one of the creche children whose evidence helped to convict Ellis of sex crimes 10 years ago. Ellis has always protested his innocence, but after a decade the youth has gone public to say he was definitely abused.

2003-0818 - NZ Herald - The Ellis case
by Jeffrey Masson and Emma Davies - Lynley Hood's response to our critique of her book reveals just how comfortable she is distorting the truth. .....Hood describes us both as "supporters of recovered memory therapy". What has recovered memory to do with it?  .......Hood's letter reinforces our view that she is untrustworthy in her analysis of the issues involved in child sexual abuse.

2003-0817 - One News - Peter Ellis witness speaks out
One of the key witnesses in the Peter Ellis sex abuse case is disputing claims his memory has been manipulated. Tom, which is not his real name, is now 17 years old. He was one of the creche children whose evidence helped convict Ellis of sex crimes 10 years ago. Ellis has always protested his innocence. Tom, who maintains he was abused by Ellis, has never spoken publicly about his allegations before. "I think it's just time - I have to say something," he told One News.

2003-0817 - Sunday Star Times - Peter Ellis' appeal to Privy Council could be abandoned
by Donna Chisholm - The Peter Ellis case may not now go to the Privy Council as supporters fear Justice Minister Phil Goff will use further legal proceedings as an excuse to shelve a petition seeking a commission of inquiry.  The Sunday Star-Times understands Ellis has discussed the prospect of halting the Privy Council bid with his counsel Judith Ablett-Kerr, QC, in favour of the select committee due to start considering the call for an inquiry this week.

2003-0817 - Sunday Star Times - Put an end to the Ellis insanity
by Alan Wilkinson - You are absolutely right (August 10) that the Ellis case needs an investigator independent of the New Zealand judiciary. There is no need for new evidence, simply for new and unbiased eyes to examine all of it and finally put an end to this insanity and injustice. ......Justice Williamson made a mess of both the Ellis and Bain cases by suppressing evidence helpful to the defence.

2003-0817 - Sunday Star Times - Justice doesn't count
by Bill McMillan - The history of the Peter Ellis case tells me that protection of a lucrative judicial infrastructure rates more highly than justice for the individual.

2003-0817 - Sunday Star Times - The bigger picture
by Tessa Bowden -  Father Paddy Thwaites was the parish priest at Riccarton. He was convicted of sexual abuse in 1999 and served a prison sentence. He has always maintained his innocence. The people who know him are aware of his innocence......Is the Ellis case part of a larger and different picture over time than has been considered thus far?

2003-0817 - Sunday Star Times - Out of Harry Potter
by Jill Whitehead - How the Christchurch Civic Creche saga ever got to court is quite incredible. To convict Peter Ellis on such trumped up, bizarre charges is quite appalling and for a judge to disallow the jury from hearing all the videotapes was an absolute disgrace...... If Phil Goff still thinks this case does not need a further inquiry he is not the minister of justice this country needs and should resign.

2003-0817 - Sunday Star Times - Believing the Children
by Dorothy Dean - Around the time Lynley Hood's book appeared, I heard her being interviewed by Kim Hill. I formed an impression of an obsessed and bigoted anti-feminist who will brook no opposition to her convictions. .......[Hood has never been interviewed by Kim Hill - Sunday Star Times Editor]

2003-0816 - Listener - Eichelbaum's report
by Richard Christie - Aside from repeating his irrelevant call for new evidence, Phil Goff places weight upon Sir Thomas Eichelbaum's conclusions in his narrow inquiry into the Ellis case. Eichelbaum's inquiry is deeply flawed and the flaws extend well beyond his terms of reference

2003-0816 -  Waikato Times - Flim Flam
by Michael Easther -
Once more the public has to face.... Doubts raised about the Ellis case.
The prosecution chose to use.... Those portions of the interviews .........

2003-0816 - Dominion Post - ‘I am sick of being called a liar’

by Linley Boniface - A decade after the Christchurch Civic Creche sex abuse trial, two of the children whose evidence has now been called into question by supporters of Peter Ellis tell Linley Boniface why they feel betrayed. ........ "It was good that our parents talked for us when we were little, but we can speak up for ourselves now. We can do our own talking," says Tom. "If Peter Ellis is reading this, I'd like him to know that I'm not a scared little boy any longer."

2003-0816 - Dominion Post - Creche case kids ask for legal aid
by Linley Boniface - Two teenagers who gave evidence in the Christchurch Civic Creche child abuse case have asked for legal funding to appear before the select committee looking into the controversy. The teenagers, who break their 10-year silence to be interviewed exclusively in The Dominion Post today, said it was unfair that convicted paedophile Peter Ellis had the financial backing of wealthy supporters while they did not even have a lawyer to speak on their behalf.

2003-0816 - TV1 Transcript - Brian Edwards with Lynley Hood
Transcript of an interview of Lynley Hood with Brian Edwards: (Programme: Edwards at Large)