Letter to Mr Brash
June 9 2003

by Alan Fort
National Chairman
Parents Against Injustice

Dear Mr Brash,

A Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Ellis Case is long overdue. How ever the Ellis case itself is only part of the problem in this City. It represents the base of a triangle of injustice and corruption that goes back over two decades. The other two sides of this infamous triangle are the Ward 24 Case and the Glenelg Case.

The Glenelg Case which I was directly involved in dates from the mid 1980's and involved a Dr Dianne Espie who was sexually examining young girls who were in residence at Glenelg, without their parents knowledge or consent and then using this so called evidence to accuse the fathers of sexual abuse and systematically destroying the families. During the years 1987-1988 Dr Espie made 172 such allegations.

TVNZ commissioned reports from Dr Kean from
England and Dr Le'Page from Australia as part of their Assignment Investigation in 1995. Please find attached Dr Kean's report and Dr Le'Page's seven page summary of his 145 page report. We also have video footage available if you would like view it at any time.

It is my belief that the issue of false sexual abuse allegation will become the biggest justice related scandal this Country has ever seen. "There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice”

We speak for those people who have no voice and have had their lives destroyed by this issue. If we can help in any way please contact us at any time.

Yours respectfully,
Alan Fort.
National Chairman.
"Parents Against Injustice"