From: Megan Pledger (
Subject: Re: WYSIWYG NEWS - 25 March, 2001
Date:  March 25, 2001

Jon Anderson wrote:

Pardon my replying to my own post but I have now since read a very interesting article in the Sunday Star Times of today, by Lynley Hood of Dunedin. She says the Christhurch Civic Case child-abuse fantasy came about through an alliance of fruitcake therapists, extreme anti-male lesbians and Christian fundamentalists.

Their only commonality was a hatred of white, middle class  males who enjoyed having a sexual relationship with consenting women especially their wives.

An interesting article.

I read the article but came away feeling that it was all very shallow.

The groups and their motivations were analysed on a very facile level, huge generalisations were made, very few of which rang true to me.

It was almost like the author was writing about groups from a country she had never been to, from a xenophobic perspective.

I came away feeling that the witch hunt that Peter Ellis supporters believe in, is now being waged against these groups. If the news group  is anything to go by who gets the most venom directed at them - lesbians, Christians, feminists etc.