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1994-1201 - The Press - Ritual abuse 
Letter to the Editor by R Keys -  Denise Lorgelly (November 25) may possibly hold the key to a breakthrough in the investigation of satanic ritual abuse. A well-respected minister of the Church who has given her many instances of this ritual must be well aware of exactly where the covens are and what they do; more than that, actually knows people who have actually been present

1994-1201 - The Press - Ritual abuse 
Letter to the Editor by N.M. Gillespie - One would have thought that these erstwhile satanist individuals from South Canterbury, reported by Denise Lorgelly (November 25), would have developed sufficient conscience and courage with their new-found Christianity to have reported any ritualistic crimes. Did the "well-respected minister" report any criminal activity?

1994-1125 - The Press - Ritual abuse 
Letter to the Editor by Denise Lorgelly - It would be of interest to know just by what authority does Gaye Davidson condemn as a myth satanic/ritual abuse? …….. Considering there are (or were) 14 covens between Timaru and Oamaru, it hardly takes any imagination to realise these people are not just playing games

1994-1118 - The Press - I've been abused - now for my empowerment 
by A. K. Grant - The thing that annoys me is that they were so high-handed about it. No "Thank you for your application", no "if you were to reapply in six months' time" - oh, hang about, I haven't told you what's getting at me. The Lottery Grants Board, that's what. I read in this very paper that just the other day they gave the lady who founded the End Ritual Abuse society $1300 so she could put out a newsletter. Now when I read that I began to retrieve memories that I had long buried. Because I was ritually abused as a child

1994-1112 - Dominion - Grant 'Insane political correctness'
by Alan Samson -
Selwyn MP David Carter yesterday attacked as "political correctness gone insane" a decision by the Lottery Grants Board to fund a group that publicises tales of ritual abuse and mock burials. The End Ritual Abuse Society was formed in September by a parent who believed her son was ritually abused at the Christchurch Civic Childcare Centre. The boy had told Social Welfare Department staff children were placed naked in a circle and kicked by adults wearing costumes. He also reportedly told his mother that he had been buried in a coffin and splattered in blood.

1994-1112 - The Press - Funding for Ritual Abuse Group raises anger
by Anna Dunbar - The "mythical beast" of satanic-ritual abuse is being kept alive by false allegations and made credible by a gullible public funding agency, says a spokesman for a Christchurch group, Facade. Winston Wealleans said members of his group, False Allegations of Child Abuse Destroy Everyone, were angry that the Christchurch regional lottery welfare sub-committee had funded a group that was founded on a belief nurtured by fantasy. Mr Wealleans said the board was acting on behalf of New Zealand society and "maybe by its action is excreting the population's darkest fears and fantasies by feeding the many-headed beast that refuses to die".

1994-1111 - The Press - Civic Crèche abuse group granted $1300 
by Martin van Beynen - A group started by a parent who believes her son was ritually abused at the Christchurch Civic Childcare Centre has been granted $1300 by the Lottery Grants Board. The End Ritual Abuse society was formed in September and asked for $28,000 from the board for an inner-city office, a computer, and a full-time ritual abuse worker

1994-1016 - Sunday Star Times - Group wants cash to fight ritual abuse
by Matt Conway - A new group set up to counter ritual abuse and satanic worship has applied for almost $40,000 from the Government and the Lottery Grants Board to set up an office and send members to a conference in the United States. End Ritual Abuse (ERA) was started by a Christchurch woman whose son was found to have been molested by crèche worker Peter Ellis. She cannot be named as a suppression order protects the boy's identity. We'll call her Alison.

Alison defines ritual abuse as organised physical, sexual and psychological assaults of child and adult victims, characterised by torture and mind control. She alleges her son, then aged between 3 and 5, was splattered in blood and buried alive in a coffin during his time at the Christchurch Civic Childcare Centre. His artwork now is dark and demonic and obsessed with death

1994-0923 - Independent - TVNZ fined for breaching court's name suppression
by Nikki Mandow - TVNZ has been fined $650 and told to pay $95 costs for broadcasting the name of one of the complainants during television coverage of the trial of Christchurch crèche worker Peter Ellis on sex abuse charges

1994-0920 - Evening Post - Child abuse case : A salutary lesson 
by Wendy Ball -
The Civic Crèche parents are concerned that other children never suffer their own children's fate. With this in mind they want the public to realise that child sexual abuse does exist in our community, and that the only people who can testify to its existence are the children — the abused children. If we do not believe them the firm legal foundation for the protection of all New Zealand's children, which has been laid by the Court of Appeal in Ellis's case counts for nought.

1994-0909 - The Press - Parents hail failure of Ellis appeal - Verdict upsets supporters
New April 4 2005
by Martin van Beynen - Parents of children involved in the creche trial expressed relief and satisfaction at the verdict. They cannot be named because of a prohibition on identifying the complainants. "Absolutely delighted" was one reaction……..The manager of the creche while Ellis worked there, Gaye Davidson, described the rulings as "just unbelievable." "We're all still totally behind him and this judgment makes no difference to that. We saw the majority of the evidence against him and there is no way this could have happened," she said

1994-0909 - The Press - Ellis to serve out sentence after ruling
New April 4 2005
by Martin van Beynen - Convicted creche worker Peter Ellis will continue serving his 10-year jail sentence after the Court of Appeal yesterday ruled that 13 of his 16 convictions should stand. In a judgment delivered by Sir Maurice Casey, the court said it could find no grounds on which to overturn the 13 verdicts in respect of six complainants involved in Ellis's High Court trial last year

1994-0908 - TVNZ - Primetime
Peter Ellis appeal against his child abuse conviction fails, the three charges regarding a girl who withdrew her testimony are dropped, but the sentence remains the same

1994-0908 - TVNZ - Network News
Convicted child abuser Peter Ellis has had three of the 16 charges against him quashed by the Appeal Court but with no reduction of his 10 year sentence

1994-0908 - TVNZ - Network News
Peter Ellis appeal against his sexual assault convictions has been turned down, and his sentence remains the same

1994-0908 - The Press - Decision on creche appeal today
New April 4 2005
The Court of Appeal will this morning release its decision on an appeal by former Christchurch creche worker Peter Ellis against sexual abuse convictions. Ellis has appealed -against 16 convictions on charges that he molested children in his care at the Christchurch Civic Childcare Centre between 1986 and 1991

1994-0906 - The Press - Decision soon on appeal by Ellis
New April 4 2005
The Court of Appeal will give its decision on an appeal by Christchurch childcare worker Peter Ellis on Thursday. The court, consisting of Sir Robin Cooke, Sir Maurice Casey, and Justice Gault, reserved its decision when submissions finished on July 29.

1994-0831 - TVNZ - Network News
The court order suppressing the name of a convicted paedophile is to be challenged in the Appeal Court thus defusing the name suppression controversy

1994-0808 - The Press - Child retracts allegations against Ellis
New April 4 2005
A child on whose evidence a Christchurch jury found creche worker Peter Ellis guilty on three charges has retracted her allegations, the Court of Appeal was told yesterday. Ellis's lawyer, Graham Panckhurst, QC, told Appeal Court judges Sir Robin Cooke, Sir Maurice Casey, and Justice Gault that the complainant, now aged 11, had told her mother last week the allegations she made against Ellis were false. The girl had been interviewed twice since recanting and had remained adamant about her withdrawal

1994-0805 - Cosa Newsletter - Peter Ellis Appeal
News report, by Felicity Goodyear-Smith
The other major event in late July was Peter Ellis' Appeal. This is on the grounds that there were gross inconsistencies in the evidence and that the bizarre nature of many of the allegations had not been addressed by the judge

1994-0805 - TVNZ - Primetime
The Court of Appeal hearing in the Peter Ellis child sex abuse case was presented with a retraction, a child witness now says that nothing happened, the revelation came on the last day of the former crèche worker's appeal

1994-0805 - TVNZ - Holmes
One child who gave evidence leading to Peter Ellis' conviction in the Christchurch Civic Child Care Centre case retracts her evidence, parents of the other children say their evidence is still valid

1994-0805 - TVNZ - Network News
A major development in the Peter Ellis appeal hearing, a child whose evidence on three charges of sexual abuse helped convict Ellis has changed her mind.

1994-0715 - TVNZ - Network News
Child sex offender Peter Ellis went to the Court of Appeal today challenging his conviction on the grounds that the judicial process and evidence in his trial were flawed.

1994-0218 - Dominion - Family denies woman's abuse claims made on TV
by Alan Samson -
The family of a woman who made claims on television about satanic and other abuse at their hands yesterday denied her every allegation and upbraded TV3 for putting them in the spotlight. Though the woman had changed her name - to Eunice Fairchild — her face and voice were uncloaked and she spoke freely of abuse she said occurred in the small North Island towns of Te Aroha and Waipu in the 1940s and 1950s. Yesterday her brother, John Saunders, calling all the allegations pure fantasy, said he was seeking advice about what action could be taken against the station

1994-0218 - Dominion - Brother attends group

John Saunders on Sunday attended the first meeting of an Auckland support group for people falsely accused of sexual abuse. Led by sexual abuse specialist Felicity Goodyear-Smith, author of the book First Do No Harm: The Sexual Abuse Industry, the group was formed in response to many allegations believed to be false. Dr Goodyear-Smith told The Dominion yesterday that sexual abuse had become almost a national hysteria.

1994-0215 - TVNZ - Holmes
One of the mothers of a child that was sexually assaulted by Peter Ellis, believes that he was part of an organised paedophile network which regularly and ritualistically abused children. She is distributing a newsletter to inform the public about ritual abuse.

1994-0214 - TVNZ - Network News
A setback today for convicted paedophile Peter Ellis, former childcare worker, appealing his conviction and sentence, the Court of Appeal criticised Ellis's Counsel Nigel Hampton for the way he presented his case

1994-0213 - NZ Listener - Satanic Memories

Eunice Fairchild and her son Gregory both claim they have memories of being ritually abused in Satan-worship ceremonies Eunice believes her mother was a cult priestess and allowed Eunice to be tortured and sexually abused Gregory also believes he was introduced to a Satanic cult as a young boy and has memories of similar torturous abuse