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1993 June-Dec

Television New Zealand
August 12 1993

Network News
Reporter: Mark Price

A two year study of convicted sex offenders shows their brainwaves are different, this system for identifying potential child sex abusers has been developed in Dunedin.


0:00        GVs man involved in the study of convicted sex offenders sitting in a dark room looking at pictures of naked boys and men .

0:19        I/V Doctor Rick Howard, sex researcher re sex offenders tended to show that they a very unfocussed sexual response, so this would indicate that their preference would be for whoever is around at the time .

0:35        GVs Doctor Rick Howard looking through results .

0:43        (SF) EXT Rolleston Prison

V/O REPORTER re inmates from the Kia Marama Child Sex Offenders Unit were used in the study.

0:54        (LCT) SLOW MOTION convicted child sex offender Peter Ellis walking in from of the Christchurch Court .

1:00        I/V Doctor Rick Howard re we must be very cautious about how we use this technology .

1:13        GVs Doctor Rick Howard looking at the results of his survey .

1:19        END.