The Christchurch Civic Creche Case

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1993 June-Dec

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July 3, 1993

MP 'misunderstood' creche call

The former supervisor of the Christchurch creche at the centre of the recent child abuse trial says the Inquiry she seeks is not aimed at clearing the jailed creche worker, Peter Ellis.

Ms Gaye Davidson said yesterday that the Minister of Police, Mr Banks, had misunderstood the reason she and others were calling for an inquiry into the trial.

They wanted the procedures of the Investigation into alleged abuse at the Christchurch Civic' Childcare Centre reviewed.

Mr Banks has rejected the call from the Civic Child Care Inquiry Organisation, saying there is no need for an official Inquiry.

Ms Davidson, who with two other creche workers was discharged on abuse charges by the High Court, said the inquiry was sought before the outcome of the Ellis trial.

Ellis has been jailed for 10 years on 18 sex abuse charges.

The group wanted the interviewing of the children and the number of interviews to be studied.

Other concerns were the counselling of children as victims of abuse, including satanic abuse; the procedure for investigating the background of interviews; the "assumption" abuse had occurred as a premise for interviews; and "manipulation" of children into talking about sexual abuse.