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1993 Jan-May

Christchurch Star
June 23 1993

My son is innocent
by Jeremy Flint


"We'll get him out one way or the other," the mother of Peter Ellis said outside the High Court at Christchurch yesterday after the sentencing of her son to 10 years' jail.

Lesley Ellis said her son was innocent of the 16 charges he had been convicted and sentenced on, and she would continue fighting to prove it.

Mrs Ellis said she last spoke to Ellis last Friday when he told her he "would maintain his innocence until the day he died."

The public gallery in High Court number one was full for the sentencing, with many people using upstairs viewing area.


Mr Justice Williamson's sentence was greeted with silence, with Ellis standing impassively in the dock holding his hands in front of himself.

Mrs Ellis later said she expected a sentence in the 10-year range, given there were 16 charges on which guilty verdicts had been returned.

One of Ellis's former co-workers at the Christchurch Civic Crèche, Gaye Davidson, said Ellis was convicted on the same evidence that had been used against her and her three former colleagues, all of whom were discharged.

"We are still all fighting to clear our names - we are innocent, and I have yet to see anything that makes me think Peter is guilty of anything," Ms Davidson said.

The severity of the sentence did not surprise her, she said.

"But for Peter it will be a death sentence if he goes to jail."