The Christchurch Civic Creche Case

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1993 June-Dec

Television New Zealand
June 14 1993

Police Setup
Vicki Wilkinson-Baker

Peter Ellis may be in jail, the trial over but the story behind the Christchurch Civic Child Care Centre is far from over. Three women who were arrested, charged and then discharged claim their lives have been ruined by a police investigation flawed from the beginning..


00:00      (SF) INT police investigation room for the inquiry into the Civic Child Care Centre sexual abuse case .

0:20        I/V Marie Keys re children fantasise, if they're asked questions and put under enough pressure, they'll come with answers to please adults .

0:25        MS four creche workers sitting in lounge .

0:34        RECONSTRUCTION of evidential interviewing process conducted by specialist services at the Children and Young Persons Service .

0:39        GVs drawings done by child complainant X, pictures of a circle with marks to show the position of adults, who included the four creche workers, who the child says stood around and encouraged him and other naked children to kick each other in the genitals .

0:46        I/V Gaye Davidson re they took the word of one child who accused three of us of abusing three children .

0:47        RECONSTRUCTION evidential interviewing .

1:01        SLOW MOTION Gaye Davidson, Marie Keys and Janice Buckingham walk towards CAMERA on their way to court .

1:16        (SF) 6 April 1993         GVs Gaye Davidson, Marie Keys and Janice Buckingham leave court with flowers in their hands acquitted of the one remaining charge against them .

1:22        GRAPHIC reasons for the discharge, insufficient evidence that a jury could convict, the jury may judge the three accused on the basis that they should have been alerted by Peter Ellis' sexual statements, the delay in the trial could have resulted in hardship for the child who would have to give evidence .

1:48        I/V Gaye Davidson re he started off credible but with pressure he lost it quickly, re he was talking about the Centre and he talked about a nappy changing routine that happened .

2:09        (SF)    GVs police investigation room .

2:20        I/V Marie Keys re if they'd done their job properly it need not have gone as far as it did .

2:25        I/V Gaye Davidson re it did not matter if it was credible or not, got, they didn't even get an overall psychologist to view all the tapes and get an opinion of what was being said .

2:47        (LCT) 6 April SLOW MOTION three women leave court with flowers in their hands .

2:59        END.