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1993 June-Dec

Television New Zealand
June 10 1993

Paul Holmes

Internal Affairs Minister Graeme Lee discusses whether children in childcare are more at risk from sexual abuse from homosexual men than heterosexual men


00:00      REMOTE LIVE I/V Graeme Lee, Minister Internal Affairs about whether proportionally heterosexual men are more likely than homosexual men to (sexually) abuse children re in case of homosexuality, you've got inarguably unnatural, learned behaviour, in a context, stands to reason there's a predilection to paedophilia or child sex.

I/V Graeme Lee re preference (by homosexuals) for youthful lovers, well-known established behavioural trend.

I/V Graeme Lee re are you telling me homosexuals and bisexuals are never involved (in child sex abuse) because Peter Ellis (Christchurch Civic Child Care Creche worker) is a case to start with.

I/V Graeme Lee re point is answered by the fact numerically it is of course correct (that heterosexuals abuse children more than homosexuals) proportionately it's not, I'll give reason why I believe homosexual grouping have a orientation towards that type of thing because it is unnatural behaviour they're practising.

I/V Graeme Lee re I could claim that for anybody else saying, because we don't answer the questions or because colleagues and I don't necessarily rebut certain arguments, we're irrational.

I/V Graeme Lee re you haven't produced to me today any research except what you said that there is some views from people in New Zealand that homosexuality is not involved in paedophilia.

I/V Graeme Lee re I can understand how people don't want to discriminate (on basis of sexuality), New Zealanders aren't into discrimination, in fact we don't discriminate, surveys show only 15 percent of homosexuals are discriminated against, so New Zealanders are not into discrimination, they're going to respond and say no we don't want that, but that's a different argument than the issue involved, and I'm going to say in parliament, there are deep issues, then make up your mind, but be sure to consider the implications of the law change.

I/V Graeme Lee re proportionately yes (children are more at risk having homosexual rather than heterosexual men working in childcare centres) .

4:10        END.