The Christchurch Civic Creche Case

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1993 June-Dec

Television New Zealand
June 6 1993

Creche Crisis Part 2
60 Minutes
: Joanna Paul
Reporter: Vicki Wilkinson-Baker
Director: Paul Cutler
Producer: Heaton Dyer
Research Chris Cooke
TPA: Shege Johnson

Part two of a two part story on the child sex scandal surrounding the Christchurch Civic Child Care Centre. 60 Minutes talks to the family of one of the children sexually abused by Peter Ellis


00:00      PRESENTER Joanna Paul to CAMERA .

00:40      GVs BS T▓▓▓, victim of sexual abuse by convicted child sex offender Peter Ellis, being pushed in swing by his father .

00:59      (IDENTITY OBSCURED) GVs REPORTER Vicki Wilkinson-Baker walking with P▓▓▓ and S▓▓▓, parents of T▓▓▓,

V/O parents re sexual abuse of their son at the Civic Child Care Centre in Christchurch .

01:34      (IDENTITY OBSCURED) T▓▓▓ watching television with his older brother, V/O parents re T▓▓▓ started to develop abnormal behaviour .

01:57      (IDENTITY OBSCURED)  I/V P▓▓▓ and S▓▓▓ re the realisation that their son had been abused, shocked by his knowledge of sexualisation and graphic disclosure of abuse .

02:20      GVs BS TS T▓▓▓ with REPORTER .

02:31      RECONSTRUCTION of a child sex abuse evidential interview by specialist services at the Children and Young Persons Services, abuse worker watching interview on closed circuit television and taking notes, V/O S▓▓▓ re it was hard for T▓▓▓ to go through evidential interviews .

03:07      REPORTER to CAMERA .

03:25      RECONSTRUCTION child abuse worker taking notes while watching a taped evidential interview .

03:31      (IDENTITY OBSCURED)          I/V S▓▓▓ and P▓▓▓ re T▓▓▓ was not schooled in his evidence, children cannot remember that kind of details, includes T▓▓▓ throwing rugby ball around with his father.

04:00      (FF) FAST MOTION Civic Creche workers Peter Ellis, Janice Buckingham, Gaye Davidson outside District Court, appearing on charges of child sex abuse .

04:25      (IDENTITY OBSCURED)          I/V S▓▓▓ and P▓▓▓ re the police had enough evidence to lay charges against the women (Janice Buckingham and Gaye Davidson).

04:37      (FF) SLOW MOTION Peter Ellis walking down street.

04:47      GVs CUs court sketches during trial of Peter Ellis, watching closed circuit television interviews with children .

04:57      (IDENTITY OBSCURED)          I/V P▓▓▓ and S▓▓▓ re the decision to press charges (against Peter Ellis) was a tough one.

05:09      (FF) Peter Ellis walking into underground carpark .

05:18      (IDENTITY OBSCURED)          I/V P▓▓▓ and S▓▓▓ re their reaction to the guilty verdict passed down to Peter Ellis .

05:38      END.

Note  ▓▓▓ - Names censored by this site, although included in TVNZ documents