The Christchurch Civic Creche Case

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1993 Jan-May

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February 11 1993

Crèche ruling likely today

A decision on whether five former Christchurch Civic Childcare workers should stand trial on charges that they committed indecencies on children in their care is expected at 3pm today.

Judge Anderson said after closing submissions were completed yesterday he would endeavour to deliver his ruling at the specified time.

All submissions were suppressed by Judge Anderson on Tuesday to prevent any prejudice of future proceedings. Most of the submissions related to the credibility of videotaped interviews conducted with the 20 complainants, now aged between nine and three. The contents of the interviews receive automatic suppression under statute.

Peter Hugh McGregor Ellis, aged 34, faces 45 charges including indecent assault, inducing indecent acts and sexual  violation. Gaye Jocelyn Davidson, aged 39, Janice Virginia Buckingham, aged 45, and Marie Keys, aged 43, face four charges each. The charges relate to alleged sexual violation and indecent assault. Deborah Janet Gillespie, aged 30, faces three charges - indecent assault, sexual violation, and engaging in an indecent act in a public place.

Mr Robert Harrison, for Ellis, began making submissions yesterday, and he was followed by Mr Chris Lange for the Crown.