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1991-1215 - Dominion Sunday Times - Schools lack skills - expert
Few schools are equipped to deal with allegations of sexual abuse or neglect, a member of the Christchurch police child abuse squad says. Detective Ken Legat said some schools had tried to do their own investigations of sexual abuse allegations. They either did not tell the police or left it so late the gathering of evidence was jeopardized.

1991-1215 - Dominion Sunday Times - Sex abuse victims say male counsellors harassed them   
by Amanda Cropp -
Health professionals are angry about several cases where sexual abuse victims have been sexually harassed by male counsellors. They are also worried about the number of poorly trained counsellors working in the sexual abuse field and suspect that some people prolong counselling to make extra money from accident compensation payments. The Health Alternatives for Women group in Christchurch keeps a file of comments on counsellors and during the past year has received allegations of sexual misconduct by three men.

1991-1215 - Dominion Sunday Times - When the enemy emerges from within   
by Amanda Cropp -
A trusted teacher's aid sexually violated his pupils over 10 months. In April Maori language assistant Arena Munro was sentenced to eight years imprisonment for abusing pupils in his Christchurch primary school class. The charges, 13 of sexual abuse and one of physical assault, covered six girls and a boy. Police say Munro was gradually working his way through the whole class and describe him as one of the most audacious offenders they've ever dealt with. He abused children in the playground in front of other pupils. He sexually violated a child in the girls' toilets and his use of condoms suggested the offences were carefully planned.

1991-1203 - The Press - Crèche for inquiry
Specialist interviewers will speak to children at the Civic Child Care Centre to try to ascertain if any have been sexually abused. The head of the Christchurch police child abuse unit. Detective Sergeant Roy Mitchell said the police were investigating some concerns reported by parents who have children at the crèche. A member of the crèche staff was suspended on full pay last week by the Christchurch City Council. Mr Mitchell said it was not known if any children had been sexually abused. "There has been no actual disclosure of abuse by a child at this stage," he said. Mr Mitchell said it would be a reasonably long investigation.

1991-1202 - The Press - Allegation of Abuse  
A Christchurch civic crèche worker has been suspended after allegations a child was sexually abused. The City Manager, Mr John Gray, confirmed last night that a complaint had been made to the police on Friday by the parents of the child. The staff member had been suspended on full pay earlier in the week after the crèche management had been told of the allegations, he said. Mr Gray would not comment further. The police child abuse unit, which will investigate the complaint could not be reached for comment last night